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Annika Beckmann 

is in the final year of her M.Sc. program in Psychology, specializing in Work, Organizational, and Business Psychology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. She gained her initial experiences abroad through soccer tournaments in Spain, France, and Denmark. Since beginning her master’s program, she has been actively involved in the student consultancy Campus for Company e.V. She is particularly interested in aptitude diagnostics. As a working student at a consultancy specializing in management diagnostics, she has the chance to observe and interact with managers of well-known companies. She highly values the opportunity to gain new insights and skills in New York City. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors and working out. 

Annika Hesse 

 is a student in the Master’s program in Industrial Engineering at TU Dortmund University, majoring in Industrial Management. She gained work experience in a medium-sized supplier Carcoustics (Germany) on a course of international growth. As a working student at Raith GmbH, she was responsible for optimization projects in the production logistics. Currently she works as a research assistant at TU Dortmund University for the chair of industrial information management. Annika enjoys doing voluntary work for her soccer club and values the social community and interaction with children through volunteering in the KLJB Mastbruch. She is a passionate soccer player, enjoys skiing in the mountains and loves learning about new cultures. 

Carlotta Behle  

is in the final year of her M.A. program in International Relations and Development at the Universität Duisburg-Essen. Following her interest in intercultural exchange she has already spent two years abroad and absorbed several work experiences in the field of international projects. She is a very active student and likes to plan educational and cultural activities for the student committee. After her degree she plans to work in the field of political education to empower young people to engage themselves in political processes. She likes gardening and spending time with her dog and her family in her leisure time.  

Cedrik Pelka 

is a M.A. student of Philosophy and Political Science at Technische Universität Dortmund. Cedrik is working as a political Journalist for big media outlets with a strong focus on issues such as discrimination, racism, and equality. Therefore, he tries to get in touch with as many people from different backgrounds as possible: Cedrik has participated in several journalistic exchange programs in Berlin and Moldova; he studied abroad in Bellingham, Washington, worked in Brussels, and organized youth exchanges to Bosnia and Namibia. When he is not working, Cedrik is a passionate soccer referee, helping with public relations and supporting young colleagues by teaching and accompanying them to their first matches. 

Charlotte Rabsch 

 is a M.Sc. student in the Business & Economics program at Technische Universität Dortmund, majoring in Digitalization & Entrepreneurship. To gain practical experience during her studies, Charlotte works at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer, the Start-up Center of the TU Dortmund. In addition, Charlotte was able to gain valuable work experience in her education and previous internships in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategy. During her bachelor’s degree, Charlotte spent a semester abroad in Madrid and was thus able to gain intercultural experience in the academic context. In her free time Charlotte loves doing sports and is passionate about getting to know new cultures while backpacking. 

Sonja Frerich 

is pursuing a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Energy and Process Technologies at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Currently, her research and development work at Fraunhofer UMSICHT focuses on material development for fuel cells. She has gained experience collaborating in international teams in the scientific environment and is strongly interested in innovative technologies that have the potential to transform our future way of living. She is passionate about supporting the energy transition and exploring sustainable solutions. Engaged as a volunteer with Engineers Without Borders Germany, she actively contributes to the construction of a prototype windmill for use in developing countries. 

Edda Brenscheidt 

is a student in the M.Sc. program business psychology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. During her bachelor’s degree she worked at the university and gained further practical insights in internships and practical projects. Driven by her interest in challenges, she moved to Hamburg after her major and gained a wide range of work experience at Gruner+Jahr and Zeitverlag. Besides working and studying, she currently volunteers as a mentor to provide international students guidance to find their way in a foreign environment. Since Edda is highly interested in getting to know different cultures and people, she will expand her academic knowledge at the University of Sevilla, Spain, in 2024. In her free time, she enjoys doing sports, drawing, and exploring new countries. 

Julian Marx 

is an ambitious individual currently in the final year of his B.Sc. studies in economics at TU Dortmund. Prior to embarking on his academic journey, he spent a year living and working in New Zealand and Australia, which broadened his horizons and fueled his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. During his studies, Julian joined a thriving start-up where he gained valuable experience and now lends his expertise to several small companies, assisting them with their sales efforts. Eager to connect with others, Julian thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and cherishes the company of friends. In addition to his professional pursuits, he indulges in various sports, reveling in the joy they bring to his life. 

Kai Mohr 

is currently studying for a master’s degree in Work, Organizational and Business Psychology at the Ruhr University Bochum. Previously, he completed a bachelor’s degree in public administration as part of a dual study program, followed by a bachelor’s degree in business psychology. During his studies, he was able to broaden his experience through an internship at Daimler AG in the area of digitalization and an internship at McKinsey & Company in recruiting. He is looking forward to the opportunity to gain international work experience in the United States of America. In his free time, he enjoys playing various sports, such as field hockey, tennis, soccer and badminton. 

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