UA Ruhr Fellowships

Our North American liaison office enhances and expands cutting-edge international research and education opportunities for researchers and students and their collaborating partners to assist in extending programs throughout the Ruhr region and in our region; ultimately helping them develop solutions for global challenges and cooperations. That is why University Alliance Ruhr established two fellowship programs that enable a special exchange between the Ruhr area in Germany and different locations in the United States. We select two cohorts of high performing students and give them the once in a lifetime opportunity to gain cultural and professional experience in the corresponding region.

Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship

The Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship Program provides highly motivated and high performing students from the University Alliance Ruhr with a unique experience to expand their portfolio and networks to New York’s tristate area. North America’s most populous area and the center of many industries such as finance, international trade, biotechnology, manufacturing and media.

Ruhr Fellowship Program

The Ruhr Fellowship Program connects highly motivated undergraduate students in the United States with a unique experience to expand their portfolio and networks to one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced areas in Germany. As Germany’s “Cradle of Industry”, the Ruhr Area has come to represent creativity and innovation with its internationally renowned companies, universities and research institutes.

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