Data Protection

Privacy Policy

We are delighted by your presence on our website and your interest in our UA Ruhr Fellowship Programs. Safeguarding your personal data holds utmost significance to our management. In principle, browsing our websites is feasible without divulging your personal information. However, engaging in certain specialized services via the website might necessitate the processing of your personal data. In such instances, we consistently acquire your consent.

Your personal data is invariably handled confidentially and in strict alignment with legal statutes, notably the General Data Protection Regulation, alongside pertinent national data protection laws and this privacy policy.

We aspire for your unwavering confidence during your website visits, and thus, we affirm that we have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure optimal protection of your rights. Our ongoing commitment involves upholding legal standards across both our personnel and external service providers. Nonetheless, online services can occasionally exhibit vulnerabilities, rendering absolute protection unattainable. We also welcome the submission of your personal data through alternative communication avenues (such as mail, phone, or fax).

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