The Ruhr Area

The Ruhr area is a dynamic and exciting place to be. With over 5 million people, it is one of Europe’s most important metropolitan areas and featured the European Capital of Culture in 2010. At the same time, half of the space is green – a landscape of forests, parks, fields, and beer gardens. Whereas the traditional coal and steel mills have been transformed into creative spaces and cultural hotspots, the area has retained its soccer culture as well as tradition. When you come to the Ruhr area, you will recognize immediately that you are not in a typical study abroad location. It is an untrodden territory you can discover for yourself, making new contacts in a remarkably welcoming and unique environment.

UA Ruhr Art Walk

This is an online work-in-progress repository of publicly accessible art in the Ruhr region.

UA Ruhr Art Walk is inspired by our strategic partner – University of Cincinnati’s course “Art as a Catalyst of Global Understanding.

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