Michelle Roskosch, TRF2022

Dear #TRF2023 cohort, 

I am delighted to hear that this year‘s cohort is again a group of diverse, smart and academically excellent students from the Ruhr Alliance. You were chosen, out of many, to represent your home university in the United States’ north-east corridor and learn form the very best. I am sure you will excel at it.

But before you start working with different institutions and companies in the New York region, a very enlightening time at Lehigh University awaits. When I think back to Summer 2022 at Lehigh University, I remember that everyone working at Lehigh made sure to give us their 100%. We were honored to live on campus, experience a top-ranked US-University, learn more about design thinking, strengthen our personal skillsets and refine our perspectives on good leadership.

Lehigh’s exclusive innovation and entrepreunership program gave us the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I hope you will feel as inspired and open-minded as we did after the program.

During your first days you will be amazed by the pulse of the city. My advice is: Try to imbibe all impressions and make the most of all the opportunities, this city and your employers hold for you. 

I felt encouraged, supported and positively challenged while working at the NYC Civic Engagement Commission with Oscar Romero. I am sure that you all found a good fit with your internship positions and that you will be able to encounter the perfect mix of challenge and encouragement.

May your time as a Transatlantic Ruhr Fellow be filled with joy and memorable moments. I hope you will be able to set your personal goals and career ambitions to turn your time with the #TRF2023 into the first step towards your bright and fulfilled futures!

P.S.: Make sure to stop by the Goosemen at Lehigh University and grab a sandwich in honour of the #TRF2022 fellows.

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